Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets Then listen and check

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    1. believe2. to pass3. to decide4. to do5. to study6. to be7. become8. be9. enjoying10. to work11. working12. to do13. getting14. travelling15. working16. talking
  • 1) I cant believe it! I passed all my exams!2) I really dont know how I managed to pass maths.3) Now I need to decide what to study at university, but the problem is that I dont know what I want to do.4) A few months ago I decided to study biology, but now Im not sure.5) It seems to be difficult to find a job as a biologist.6) I suppose I could become a doctor, but it must be a very stressful job.7) My mum says you can learn to enjoy anything, but. 8) I wouldnt like to work in а hospital.9) I enjoy working with people.10) I dont like doing the same thing every day.11) I dont mind geting up early.12) I love travelling and I prefer working outside. 13) Oh, and I cant stand talking on the phone for а long time. Whats the best job for me?
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