Сделайте данные предложения отрицательными

  • 1.doesnt help
    2.doesnt play
    3.dont listen
    4.dont make
    5.doesnt work
    6.doesnt ride
    7.doesnt look
    8.doesnt paint
    9.dont swim
    10.doesnt go
    11.doesnt get up
    12.hasnt tea
    13.hasnt dinner
    14.isnt my best friend
    15.doesnt live
  • 1)Bess doesnt help her mother
    2)My friend doesnt play the piano
    3)We dont listen to music
    4)You dont make a lot of mistakes
    5)The farmer doesnt work in the field
    6)The small boy doesnt ride a bike
    7)He doesnt look at the pictures in the book
    8)The workman doesnt paint the house
    9)Richard and Henry dont swim in the river in summer
    10)John doesnt go to school by tram
    11)She doesnt get up…
    12)He doesnt have a tee for ….
    13)She doesnt usually have a dinner…
    14)Mike is not my …
    15)Peter doesnt live in London